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Steffan Dalsgaard, Founder & Executive Chairman

Mr. Dalsgaard has a background business development with over a decade of experience representing and consulting with dozens of private and public companies over his career. Mr. Dalsgaard consults with companies on all of their corporate objectives while providing a professional and corporate face to their organization. Steffan Dalsgaard has built a strong reputation in the public relations industry and has a mission to work with emerging growth companies that are positioned to become significant businesses in their respective fields. By providing quality representation and strategic consulting catered to each client’s individual needs, the services Mr. Dalsgaard provides are highly valued and imperative to many different corporate successes. Mr. Dalsgaard has a vision of operating a nationally recognized holding company for a multitude of businesses all under one umbrella.

Robert DuBose, Chief Innovations Officer & Director

Mr. DuBose is the CEO of HyFrontier Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Golden Triangle Ventures under its Technology Division. Mr. DuBose is responsible for the success of the HyGrO product in the Ag market. His experience in the design and production of hydrogen equipment goes back more than a decade, including PEMFC technologies since 2009 with his company, Aquafuel, Inc. Mr. DuBose was raised in the farming and machine shop business, where he learned firsthand how much work and love goes into a successful crop, as well as how elements, which are out of the farmers control, can have adverse effects on finances. Over the past few years Mr. DuBose has been testing and evaluating the use of hydrogen and oxygen injection into drinking water for increased health with his own technologies. This led him back to the farming business, researching tirelessly, testing and evaluating how hydrogen and oxygen increases yield in agriculture. He believed that being able to deliver a solution to increase growth, yield, health, stamina of crops, and more profitability for farmers, would be a win-win for all. The incredible results he has personally seen led him to create the HyGrO product which is now part of Golden Triangle Ventures. Mr. DuBose is happily married with two grown children and his commitment to the hydrogen industry has proven himself as a major asset to the company.

Stuart Seim, Chief Development Officer & Director

Mr. Seim began his career as an Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba in the field of Outdoor and Environmental Education after receiving his master’s degree and completing advanced educational studies. Coming from a family with an extensive financial background, Mr. Seim transitioned into the Financial Services Industry where he then became a Stock Broker in Rockford, IL, for a major regional financial firm, Robert W. Baird. In a short time, he became the Branch Manager for Baird in Minneapolis, MN while also serving as a Managing Director for Baird. During this time, Mr. Seim also served on the Board of an Industrial Hearing Company, which he helped to launch as a new company (The TK Group).  Mr. Seim continued to serve on a Hospital Advisory Board in Rockford, IL, as well as serving on a Children’s Development Board and Crisis Hotline.  In Minneapolis, MN, Mr. Seim served as Chairman of Courage Center Foundation, Chairman of Goodwill Easter Seals and Vice Chairman of the Catholic Elder Care.  Mr. Seim and his wife moved to Arizona, where Mr. Seim served as Chairman of the Board of Catholic Charities of Arizona and as an advisor to other charities. Mr. Seim currently resides in Colorado where he is an advisor to several other organizations.

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