We Are A Diverse Team of Leaders
Empowered By Cutting Edge Technology

With a well-diversified portfolio of projects under our Company, our mission is to utilize every resource we have available to ensure each endeavor achieves success.


Health Division

Golden Triangle Ventures is working towards developing an all-natural health and wellness brand. Our goal with the health division is to help humanity with innovative products and services that enhance their way of life. Golden Triangle Ventures also works closely with clients to facilitate many different transactions in the CBD space for a fee upon success basis. Our team works with Hemp farmers across the country and we have relationships with some of the biggest CBD extraction companies in the world. Our Company connects clients to different types of licensed CBD extraction facilities that produce CBD Crude, CBD Distillate, CBD Isolate and every other type of CBD extracts available. Our Company also introduces clients to licensed Hemp farms that supply CBD Biomass for extraction and Hemp flower. All of which is compliant and now federally legal from the 2018 Farm bill that President Trump passed. We can also help Hemp farmers across the country with Toll Processing Extraction Services and all harvest to sale services through our represented alliances. We have a strong team of CBD Consultants under the umbrella that can assist with any project.


Lavish Entertainment

Golden Triangle Ventures owns an established concert production company called Lavish Entertainment, Inc. which is a licensed and insured, professional Event Organization Company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Right now the Company is strongly focused on the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) market which is one of the fastest growing music genres in the world. The Company has organized many successful events to date and has been in operation since early 2017. The Company rents concert venues, books talented artists from around the world, designs the stage production and promotes the entire event from start to finish. The Company has over 30,000 national followers between all of their social media platforms and has nearly 100 team members that help operate these events. Lavish Entertainment will eventually diversify its organization into all forms of entertainment



Golden Triangle Ventures has identified several very promising pieces of innovative technology that we plan to bring into this Company within the next year. Because some of this technology is highly proprietary, we are limited as to what we can reveal at this time. However, we can disclose that our Company is currently working to develop one of the items internally which is something that will greatly benefit our business. More details on this division will be released as soon as the Company is able to.

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